As the very first Affiliate having started a year ago still during Beta I was selected in a group of 5 to participate in this first YN-Audit. The idea as I learned was not to take lawyers or usual business auditors without a clue about cryptos and blockchain but instead some of the best affiliates.

After signing-up here you can enter your members-area and when scrolling down find on the left side the button for “Audit Feb 2021” where you can read what the other 4 members found out during their audit.

So Urs (COO &CIO) took me for half…

You may have never heard of masternoding — I mean the proven real one! Yielding over 250% net (compounded annually) for your masternoded funds over the last 19 months. Even during Corona-month March it yielded over 5% net. With a crypto-expert-COO who has run a huge BTC-mining-rig for 9 years. This is not trading!

Well, I hadn’t either when this company contacted me on Linkedin 14 months ago — I am so glad I took the time to study their website with FAQ and to read the Whitepaper because it turned out to be the best offer in my 16…

Managed Forex

Economist searching for the best forex account managers worldwide. Pls register and get updates.

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